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Luyện viết tiếng anh 365 ngày của tôi

Ngày 1:

A few years ago, i was a student of high school in vietnamese. if i learned harder, i would better. Now, i still the student but i don’t study in high school which in college. I studier than me of 1 – 18 years old. i have five people of family, it consists of me, brother, sister  and parent.

My brother still a student of middle school, sister is a student of college the third years and my parent is woking. Present, my family live in Khanh Hoa province, i don’t study college here which i study in Ho Chi Minh city. I follow IT career and i study it. I want to make a webstie for myself and to know make app in phone.

In this time i learn IT, i feel it doesn’t easy with me. It usually all write code, i feel disapointed with these. Conclusion, i still study it and i will succeed.

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